Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog betrayal

Well, I haven't posted anything for a bit now. Truth is, I just don't have much to say! I know most of you probably can't believe that!! Not much has happened. Trying to get into the routine of school again.{I say this as I'm posting a blog at after 1 a.m. Not the best start to a routine, huh?!?} In addition to school starting, my brother in law has been in from Georgia all week, the kids love spending time with him. But that is the extent of our excitement. He leaves tomorrow and the children will be disappointed. Which in turn, will make me sad. :( We don't get to see much family since we live miles from most of them, so I am thankful that they have the opportunity to get to bond with him.

I took this picture at the park yesterday. Think it is pretty neat. We were standing at the bottom of a hill and the sun was shining through the trees on the top of the hill, almost giving it the illusion that the sun isn't in the sky.

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