Sunday, August 15, 2010

*Chugga, Chugga, Choooo Choooo*

All Aboooaaard!
I've decided to start planning early for Kainan's 3rd birthday party. Yes, I know, it's August, he turns 3 in November. Hey, I said early!
Trains is the theme...the theme is trains. I am wanting to stay away from Thomas the train or other "characters" and stick strictly to the train itself. I'm going to make the invitation look like train tickets and have train tracks going through the house. I need some pictures of trains though. If any of you, maybe in the Jasper area, {hint, hint!!} have any pictures of trains and you don't mind sending me an electronic copy, I would LOVE to have them! I suggested Jasper only because I know they have remodeled the old train station again. I really don't care where the pictures come from if you're going to send them. :) And they don't have to be new or pretty. And if anyone knows where I can get train postcards, unused, that would be great too! I've got many ideas that I want to explore. And I can't wait, definitely excited for this!

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  1. Sounds cute! No need to apologize for planning early, that is awesome.

    I found a couple websites with cute ideas:




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