Sunday, September 26, 2010

The hair cut

Thursday evening my 9 year old came home from school with her bangs cut. Or shall I say, she had MADE bangs for herself. She didn't have them at all. Now, however, she does. I was livid irate not happy at all! First of all, after being questioned about it, she avoided eye contact. {Like the plague!} Secondly, she denied it...lied about it. I asked her to come over to me and she said NO! After realizing how serious I was, she finally made her way to me. Slooooooowly. I thought maybe she just had hair growing in that maybe I missed. [I was hoping!!] But alas, her bangs had definitely been hacked!

Upon getting the answers as to why she would do such a thing, she begins to cry. Hard! And as the story unfolds, this is what I get. Mom, I cut it because the art teacher said I looked stupid! {Insert LIVID mother HERE!!} She WHAT?!?!? Dear sweet Jesus, please tell me I heard that wrong! Oh, to my disappointment, I heard correctly. Story goes on like this.

The kids were drawing self portraits to be put on exhibit at the fair next week. Camden, apparently wanted to put a touch of red in it because she wanted her hair to be like her moms. [I'm thrilled! Apparently the teacher, however, was not!] Camden was told to color her hair just as it is on her head. Being the stubborn child that she is, she went to the teacher {at the teacher's desk} to show her just what colors she had in her hair. (She really does have a red tint in it, she wasn't making it up) And as she showed the teacher, I'll call her Mrs. X, she pulled a part of it from her ponytail and said, "See, it does have red in it like my mom's." And the response from Mrs. X, "Get that hair out of your face. You look stupid like that!" "Okay, I'll try to keep it out of my face" Camden replied. So as soon as art was over Camden raced out to the hallway and cut her hair.

After getting the full story from her, I'm disgusted. It made me sick, like I'd been kicked in the stomach. I asked to hear the story from her again, checking for different remarks or a change in the story. But there were none.

I called the school and spoke with the principal, explaining that I understand that there very well could have been a misunderstanding or major miscommunication. He had no words but told me that all he could do was hope that Camden misunderstood as well. We were previously scheduled for a conference for this week and decided to appoint one with the art teacher as well.

My daughter was called into the office several times at school Friday to speak with the principal. They even brought in the superintendent. Bringing in the superintendent means two things to me. A) They are taking this seriously & B) There is a good chance they have had problems with this teacher before.

I mean, kids have a hard enough time at school with peer pressure, trying to fit in and bullying. The teacher is supposed to be a mentor, someone these children look up to!! Not someone that joins in when these kids are facing a difficult time!

I'm aware that there is always a chance for Camden to have taken things out of context, this is my problem.....
Camden was SO HUMILIATED & so ashamed from what the teacher said to her that she cut her hair! This is the girl who cried the last time we got her a hair cut! She is NOT just going to WILLINGLY cut her hair!

Well, there are two sides to each story and I'll get the opportunity to hear the other side on Tuesday. As her mother, I have NO CHOICE but to believe everything Camden says is the truth. After all, if I don't believe her, I'm part of the problem.

**I did find out later, there have been prior incidents with this teacher.**

Update on Tuesday evening...hope I get the truth!


  1. Poor Camden! I hope you guys get this straightened out.

  2. Will be thinking of you tomorrow evening.

  3. Look forward to hearing how Tuesday turns out. Have you taken Camden to get a rockin new hair style and given the bill to the school yet? ;-)




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