Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

i won't be naming names here. i'm nice like that. really i'm in no mood for stupid bs drama as a result of this post. but since it is what the hell wednesday...what the hell, why not!?!?! here is my post.

i know these people. they have been a couple for a long time. a long, long time. together they have three kids. aside from those three kids, he has two of his own. [although, a person could hardly say that was the truth, how can they be your kids when you haven't had contact with them in...EVER!?!?!] so the gf gets upset at the mother of one of these two children and publicly states that this woman is nuts and must certainly stop questioning this man's parenting skills. claiming that he knows what he's doing...WHAT THE HELL?? no contact, at all, ever...yeah great parenting skills!

i've been getting excited over this 80's night i'm attending this weekend. and since i don't keep ViNtaGe [haha, nice way to term it] clothes anymore, i have been shopping thrift stores. because when you go in there for something else, all you see is way back, retro 80's clothes. i have been in a few stores that have new clothes. when did goodwill stop carrying old clothes? when did they start selling things people might actually like?? on any other particular day i could go in there and come out with several pairs of high top shoes if i'd wanted....but not when i want them...WHAT THE HELL?

so, it wasn't the best what the hell wednesday post, cut me some slack! it was my first! if i can't do better next week...i'll go with some other random post...unless, I actually have something good to say!! in which case, YOU might be the one saying WHAT THE HELL?? :)

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