Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Things Tuesdays

10 Things Tuesdays! Ten things made you happy this week? Blog about them! Ten things you want to do before the week’s over? Blog them! Any ten things, any theme you wish. Check out the originator of 10 things Tuesday at Magnolia Queen.

yes, yes, i'm a few hours late making tuesday...oops! here's my ten anyhoooo  :)

anytime i log onto blogger and check dashboard and catch up on my reading, i always get stuck on lora's page. always! i love reading her blog, but i love, love, love listening to her tunes! i listen long enough that i usually hear each song at least twice. :) but i am not stalking her play list!

got a new printer, had to. the box was pre opened and re packaged when we bought it. i knew that if there was a problem with it we could take it back but i made a point to ask the guy that rang it up anyway. get it home and the ink cartridges had previously been installed and the darn things were empty! that's right, no ink! grr! why do people do that? okay, so i know why...it's because it's cheaper to buy a printer than it is to buy new ink....but c'mon folks! can anyone be honest in this day & age? that was frustrating! but, i'm now able to print photo's and send them to my gramma! this, makes me happy and hopefully her as well!

teen mom is over. boo hoo! i enjoyed that show. truth is, i love any show that has more drama in it than my life has at the time! is that bad?

speaking of tv....smallville is my newest drug. we are only on season two so no spoilers please!

halloween is nearing, i got the children's costumes started today! yay!!completed project photo's to come. [when the projects are finished!!]

i know i shouldn't...but i'm looking forward to the winter holidays! yes, i know, already! i'm literally talking about halloween costumes one sentence and Christmas the next!

my hubby is sick...hope he feels better soon! hate when anyone in the family is sick. i hate that the kids can't really find words to explain how they feel. and that i can't do anything about it. same reasons when hubby is sick...except to add to that, he is such a baby when he is ill! talking ill, my cat puked tonight...yuck! what a vision for those of you reading, i'm sure! sorry, i'll try to not mention vomit again. :)

i made flubber saturday! it was fun! i can't believe i actually brought some of this stuff home from a party and let my son keep it!

parent's day coming up at school soon, can't wait!

hope clinic thursday. :)

thanks for reading!

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  1. lol! i'm glad you enjoy the tunes :0) i'm actually getting ready to revamp the playlist a bit (but the ones that are on there are staying for now, no worries!)




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