Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween weekend

The Halloween festivities have come & gone,  It's been fun! I've gone through and picked my sorted and inspected the kids' candy from each of their buckets. The kids have been to the town trick or treat and the church trunk or treat where there was a judging and a very frigid hayride!  The kids racked up a ton o candy! (Score!) Here's a look at how our trick or treat activities turned out. First of all, the costume making. Kainan was a robot. And Camden was a cheerleader. I love that her costume can be used for spirit week at school in the future. :)

This is how Kainan's started out:

With a can of metallic spray paint, some computer circuit boards, a couple of reflectors & some battery operated Christmas lights, Kainan's ended up looking like this:

And Camden's costume started like this:

and turned out like this:

I used an ink jet iron on transfer to make the appliques for the turtleneck, added some black tights and helped my good friend Amanda from All Brianna's Style make the tutu for the cheerleader skirt. I had so much fun making the costumes!

Here are some more photo's from this weekend.

Now that Halloween is over {weird saying that being that this post will have a post date of Oct 30 and Halloween is dated on the 31st!} I can look forward to Thanksgiving and my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas! I am so looking forward to the smell of the goodies baking in the oven, decorating the house, singing Christmas carols and worshiping! It's the most wonderful time of the year for a reason! I can't wait!!!

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  1. They look cute! You did a great job on the costumes.




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