Friday, December 3, 2010

Abducted by Aliens

I woke up this morning to find the hubs was already gone. I looked for him and he was nowhere in sight. Where can he be??? Where could he have gone???

I thought maybe he was abducted by aliens. Ya know, little green ones or maybe big purple aliens with only one eye. I wonder if they came in to get him or if he was sucked up into the bright light against his will. I hope he was thinking about me when he was floating up to the spaceship.

 Or maybe the gnomes that come into the house and steal only left socks had taken him. Tricked him by telling him they would let him in on the secret to sock thievery. LEFT sock thievery! Telling him about their magical powers that give them ability to get into the dryer and back out without melting themselves down to a pile of goo. They really only wanted his sock I bet! And now he is battling mountains of socks to find his way home. Wearing only the right sock, of course.

 He could have left me to go join the circus. Or a group of pirates in search of buried treasure. He was promised to be taken to the treasure of riches. He was lured by Captain Whitebeard with a complicated map marked with a giant, red "X".  I bet he looks good wearing a pirate hat and an eye patch! I feel sorry for the parrot on his shoulder though, especially if he talks a lot! I hate to ramble to my hubs and I know parrots also have a tendency to talk a lot! Arrr!

 Of course, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy & Bashful could have recruited him. They needed him to reach the things on the top shelf. Although he is a morning person, I hope they don't expect him to sing and whistle on his way to work! I've never seen him get that excited to be heading off to work. Maybe that will all change though! With the promise to be in the next making of Snow White and the Seven Drawfs, I can see him singing and whistling!
The last thing I remember, he was in the shower. Maybe he got sucked down the drain by the Drain Monster! You know, the one that growls at you each time you let the bath water out! The one that never seems to be happy to have that last bit of water  leave the drain! It would have been awfully painful to fit down that little drain hole! Oh no! Maybe he got stuck there! I should go check! Nah, he's not in there.

I'm really starting to worry now where he could be. Why would he have left early? Why didn't he tell me goodbye this morning? What will I tell the children?

Oh thank goodness! I just got word that he left early because we were all sleeping so well at home that he didn't want to wake us! Aww! Isn't that so sweet of him!?! Whew!! I'd have hated for any of the above to have happened to him! Turns out I won't have to explain anything to the least not today!


  1. Awe cute! For sure I would have thought the drain also

  2. this gave me a giggle. love it!




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