Monday, December 6, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday (PINT) & Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

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  1. LOL on the reading log! I had to actually make showing me homework a daily chore or else it never happened.

    Good luck with finding the decorations! Yikes!

  2. No, Sprout is really not as good as Nick Jr. And I really kind of dislike both. Do you get that new HUB channel? It's got good cartoons.

  3. Sprout is definitely not as good as Nick Jr. - just ask Princess Nagger...she refuses to watch Sprout because she says it's for babies (though I do catch her watching one of her previous favorites...) :)

    PN likes to store up her reading log, too. ;)

    RTT: Gifts, Tweeting, Autocorrect, Birthday

  4. Happy Anniversary. Hope you have a great day.

  5. I vote Taco's for dinner. I will always vote for Taco's though - they are one of my favs! Happy PINT!

  6. Hi, I'm your newest follower :)

    Ooooh I feel for you on the sleep thing!! And yeah, I like Sprout - but I agree, Nick Jr. is a little better. Oh, and the reading long!! What's up with that? One of my kids did the same thing last night... told me I could sign for the whole week!! Are you kidding me?!? Funny!

    Anyway, I have a giveaway going on if you're interested: We Don't Have It All Together

  7. It's scary....only 18 more days.

    I would go for the meatloaf,lol.

  8. happy tuesday! and my vote is for tacos.

  9. TACOS!

    I'm your newest follower! I hope you will come check out my blog!

  10. Oh we have those daily signing things too, but the teacher checks and if it's not done they pay.




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