Monday, January 31, 2011

Letters to my loved ones ♥

You have grown and matured so much into a wonderful person! You changed my life girl. Saved it really. I was headed down a not so good path when you came along! Thank you!
You are struggling in math at school right now and that bums me out to see. I never was good in math either. I think you'll find a lot of people really aren't that fond of it though. You are doing fabulous on everything else at school.
You've definitely did some growing into your own person recently. I know because your attitude reminds me every day! It makes me glad to see that even though I don't agree with everything you sometimes choose to do or say,you are expressing YOURSELF.  I know that this is just the beginning and my only hope is that I can guide you to be as bright and successful that I know you are capable of being. I am already proud of you and sure that no matter what I will continue to be proud of you! Keep up the good work babe! Just remember, if you need to talk to someone or cry on someones shoulder, I am ALWAYS here for you. ALWAYS! Don't ever be afraid to come to me for anything!

My how you've turned into an intelligent little man! Three years have passed by so quickly! You are talking so well! And saying so much...and repeating everything that you say if I don't reply to you as quickly as you want. You have such a large imagination! I am so glad to see that! Many kids don't show much of an imagination like you do. You are very protective of your older sister! Already practicing! I just wish I could get you to stop pulling the cats tail! He doesn't like it anymore today than he did when you first got in trouble for it. :) You got so excited today when I told you we would be visiting Jasper in just a couple of weeks. You remembered almost everyone's names today! I am impressed! Keep it up!

You have given me so much confidence to be the person that I really am. To stand up for myself. And to be true to myself. You have shown me that it is okay if I do something for ME sometimes. I wish we could have more nights together, spend more time with each other. I know that things haven't always been easy but we are finally making a comeback and getting out from under all of those things that we were once stuck under. Thank you for making it possible for me to stay at home with our kids while they grow and learn. I love it.
I know I sometimes allow for you to see more stress than I would like for you to see. That's only because you are my confidant and I let it all go with you.

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