Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bring me spring & flowers & sunshine {please!}

As we continue to get more wonderful (NOT) winter weather, we continue to get cancellation calls from the school every morning.
It's Thursday and there hasn't been a day of school yet this week. Jim, however, is enjoying sliding out of the driveway in the van.
All I can say is he better not damage it! There is a utility pole at the end of it!!
Camden and myself have both taken spills in the driveway which continues to be a long, thick, never ending sheet of ice. I'm hoping we can still take our trip to Jasper without Camden missing any school. But at this rate, the two days that she is scheduled off  may very well become snow make up days. If that will be the case, she will be doing homework on our mini vacay!
More later,

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  1. They are calling for snow and sleet for us tonight, though it won't be much. However, a dusting here can cause schools to cancel. Ours have 1 day left before they have make up days.
    We are going on a mini vaca next month. I am so ready for Feb to be over so we can go.




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