Monday, March 21, 2011

Writer's block, laziness, sick kids, in laws here, too busy cleaning, a bowl of ice cream awaiting me. Yeah, those are my excuses reasons for not posting. Although, I have decided (again) that I need to post more "geared toward family" stories and posts here. I did after all start this blogging journey so I have a way of letting family know what is going on with us. This is my outlet to vent and not care who in the world reads it or care what they think about it. So, if there are a few or ten or twenty posts in the future that are not politically correct or using the best of be it! My thoughts, my words, my story, my blog! I still love the followers here but I'm not going to tip toe around my blog fearing someone might read it and be offended. If I am standing next to someone and offend them I don't care, why should this outlet be any different?

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