Monday, April 18, 2011

a-z blogger challenge....O is for....

the first thing that came to mind when i thought of the letter O today was
if you haven't visited her page, go on, get over there! it's pretty great. i love it there. :)

O is for Ohio. We have lived in Ohio since September 2008. I'm having a rough time right now and really missing "home" but you already knew that if you read my post for "M". (sigh) 

the popular OMG-this one needs no explanation. I think it's understood by everyone. 

orange juice-my kiddo isn't feeling well so we've been pouring lots of this in the past days.

Owl City-though I'm not a big fan of this group,  I like this song 


  1. Aw, you're too sweet! I am so flattered I'm the first thing you think of for the letter "O"!




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