Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A-Z challenge [C]

:::C is for Creativity:::

cre·a·tiv·i·ty[kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree-uh-] 

1. the state or quality of being creative.
2.the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: the need for creativity in modern industry; creativity in the performing arts.
3.the process by which one utilizes creative  ability: Extensive reading stimulated his creativity.
I would like to think of myself as a creative person. There are so many crafts and projects that I have raging in my head! [all of which have been stored safely away until I have room for them] I would love to have a craft room with all of my favorite things. Someday...someday I will! I get my love for imagination and creativity from my dad. That man could make anything! From nothing! He always taught me I can do anything if I put my mind to it. My only problem is, things always turn out perfect in my head. Reality isn't always so nice!!

:::C is also for camera::: 
I got a new one this week. :)

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