Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ten things I'll miss

As most of you are aware, we are packing to move back to Indiana. Estimated departure time is set for sometime Saturday. I am excited to get back to family and friends. There are many things that I am thankful that I will be leaving to be dealt with by the other Coshoctonians. However, I will be sad also that I will be leaving the friends that have come to be my family. I have compiled a list, in no particular order, of the top ten things I will miss when we move.

1. Jackson Robert (brand new baby boy born to my best friend in all of the world on June 22!) & and all of the other wonderful people that accepted me and my family as normal and somehow, eventually, grew to love our craziness.

2.  Favorite eateries. Such as: East of Chicago Pizza & Whit's Frozen Custard

3. The convenience of having everything a stones throw away. While Jasper is about the same in size as Coshocton, I will actually have to get out and drive in Jasper to get anywhere. Yes I know that is normal for most people. But when you live right next door to Walgreens, McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Rite Aid & BP, pretty much everything is at your fingertips during those times that you just really don't wanna move.

4. MOPS. While I slowly drifted away from MOPS this year, for reasons I'll keep to myself, I think it was key to making friends for me here in Coshocton. And it is a great tool for many wonderful resources and a good time for fellowship.

5. This is going to sound funny, but I'll miss our bank tellers. They are just too sweet. And they know us by name. Very courteous and kind. Something you don't find much of nowadays.

6. Parades and festivals. While it gets annoying when there is a parade or festival every time you turn around, it's nice that Coshocton holds the events that they do. Jasper has one street festival a year and in my opinion, go overboard on it. I honestly never did understand why people look forward to Strassenfest year after year. It's like trying to shove a group of people the size of a watermelon into a venue the size of an olive. Really, it sucks. It's always in the gruesome humidity of August so it's hot and nearly intolerable. The people are pushy and rude. And the music (German band music) is blaring out of the speakers on every corner. I know most people look forward to the bier garden. And while I enjoy a beer every now and again, I don't see the point of squeezing the same watermelon crowd into the olive sized venue and then adding booze! Really, what's the fun in that? Oh yes, the chicken dance! The favorite at the bier garden, how dare I forget! Oh yes, and Jasper holds off on having town fireworks on the fourth of July. Only to have them in August to close out the Strassenfest. Boo! Coshocton holds several festivals and parades a year so if I miss one, I can make it up to the kids a couple of months later.

7.  The quaintness and charm of Coshocton. It really is a great place to learn some history. Not that I ever did. But the opportunity is there. I love the old buildings and there are even a few bricked streets. It's a very charming little town.

8. Lake Park & the aquatic center. While I don't care so much for the playground itself, the other recreational options at Lake Park certainly make it worth it. My kids will for sure miss the aquatic center. And I will miss being able to take photo's at the park and walking across that big, wooden bridge across the water. I loved being there because it almost seemed as if you were far away from the noise and bustle of cars whizzing around.

9.  I will miss seeing Kainan run to the window every time a woo wee (ambulance, fire truck or police car) goes by the house. Although the blinds are destroyed from him flinging them around to get there in the nick of time, it was adorable to see his love for them. He gets so upset if he can't make it to the window in time. The rest of us even began calling for him when he heard them coming down the street. We will live on a not so busy street when we arrive in Jasper.  So the woo wee's will not be as frequent.

10.  I will miss living in my own house. Going back to sharing a house with neighbors isn't going to be as nice as it was not having to worry if you were too loud or if the kids were jumping too much. Nothing beats a single family home.

Be sure to stay tuned for a compilation of the ten things I won't miss. :)

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