Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Horror stories of a satellite installation tech

Hey all! As you all know by now, we moved back to Indiana and my husband accepted a job with a major satellite company as an installation/repair technician. As if the hours and miles he puts in driving isn't bad enough, he has encountered a few afflictive episodes.

He was stung by bees. Multiple stings at once. Ouch! 

He has been bitten by a dog. It wasn't by this big dog, but posting a photo of a wiener dog just wouldn't have been as dramatic a photo!

He was laying cable and got stuck in a crawlspace. Yep, stuck. It took him 30 minutes to shimmie himself free. He dropped his best side cutters in the process but decided it best not to go back for them!

The above photos were all found via Google Images. These next two are actual photos of my husband. 

He opened the back door to his van and a concrete block fell out onto his leg. (This concerns me about his driving being that it found a way to get to the door!)

On a morning installation, he was digging the hole to put the satellite when the owner of the house who was until this moment using a chainsaw to cut tree limbs out of the way, walked over to him to talk to him. The homeowner slipped on the wet grass and as he fell his finger hit the trigger button on the chainsaw causing the chainsaw to hit my husband. Luckily, it bounced off the top of his boot and did not catch his skin at all! Thank God!

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