Monday, October 3, 2011

Still stuck in this damned rut!

I'm going to blame the horrible lack of blogging to the fact that I babysit through the day, my crafts are a state away {sitting quietly and I'm sure pretty lonely} in storage, and my husbands work schedule. Not many photos, no crafting and no family outings. Insert thumbs down [here]. And sad, frowny face [here].
My husband started his job in July and hasn't accrued vacation/sick/personal time. And he works Sat-Tues. which makes it very difficult for us to do anything as a family. Especially since I babysit Mon-Friday. I babysit til 5:30 every evening and he sometimes still isn't home from work at 10 pm. Boo!

Let me just say, all of this beautiful, fall weather is making me stir crazy! Seeing the wonderful decor and craft ideas on all of ya'lls blogs is also killin' me!

Since we have moved, I have gained a new great friend and had to say goodbye when they moved. And gained a new friendship, of which is still very new and fresh. I love making new buds and having another adult to talk to! Remember, I babysit all day and my husband is gone til late.

Moving back to Indiana has allowed me to establish a bond with each of my nieces and nephew that I wasn't able to have before. They were born while I was living away and the visits were few. The connection, at first, was difficult as they still really had no idea who I was. It was much easier for them to connect with my kids, their cousins.  

The beginning of the school year brought a change for us. We had (until pretty literally the last minute) decided that my daughter would attend public school virtually. Knowing that I was going to be babysitting and that our apartment isn't very large, I started wondering if that were the best idea for our daughter. I would no longer be able to devote my full attention to her as I had originally planned. And there would be many distractions. So we registered her at the local school here. And she is loving it. Although my husband still seems to think virtual schooling would have been best, I think the decision we made was the right one for us.

I suppose that is it for this post. And HEY LOOK AT THAT!!! It is a decent enough sized post to actually call it a post! Woot Woot!

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