Friday, March 30, 2012

Hankerin for some Hippos

I can't believe it! I actually got something accomplished today! Sounds horrible and makes me sound like the laziest person on the planet. I'm not, I assure you. I'm the second to last most lazy person on the planet. :)
I cleaned and organized my desks, swept and steam mopped my living room floor, washed and hung laundry and the best accomplishment of the day....managing to get my husband to check off two of his tasks on his honey do list!!! I know! Just short of a miracle! Oh, AND I managed to get a tiny amount of time in on the stationary bike. Something else that's just shy of a miracle! Of course, the two bowls of chocolate ice cream and the peanut butter bars I had totally scratch that back off the list. I babysat my sisters younglings for a bit. I miss them, but boy they're a handful! And then we settled in for some time with the kids.
Recently, we brought everything from storage back home. I'm in Indiana and for so long it [all things stored] was in Ohio. Of the things left in storage 8 long months ago, were the kids' board games. And since we've been home, Kainan has been itchin' to play Hungry Hippos. And that's what we did tonight. Played about 6 games of hippos, a game of pop the pig and several rounds of monkey dunk. {I just noticed all of the games are animal games...guess that's what ya get when you play games geared toward a preschooler}! Anyway, my husband thought I was crazy because I insisted on taking a couple of pictures of the kids getting ready to play the game. I don't know why this surprised him, he already knows I'm crazy & he already knows I am known to whip a camera out nearly anywhere.

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