Friday, May 11, 2012

Memory Jar

I wanted to make something unique and personal for my mom for Mother's Day this year. The last couple of years I've lived 8 hours away so I mailed cards. This year, I'm literally a stones throw away and wanted to do something special for her. We've lost a lot of family this year and I wanted to show her that our time and memories together mean so much to me. I found an idea online to make a memory jar. So simple and so inexpensive. All you have to do is write or use your computer to print some of your favorite memories shared with your mother. I wrote mine out by hand because I wanted a more personal touch. Cut them into strips and place them in a jar. I made tags and tied them onto the jar with twine.

Wildflowers and whimsy

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  1. What a sweet idea, i'm sure your mom will love that you wrote it all out by hand!




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