Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week end

I feel like I should be saying...Oh, what a busy week we've had. But, sadly, no, we haven't had a busy week at all! I got addicted to a couple of new games on gamehouse and facebook, got a new cell phone THAT I LOVE, and put off doing any housework that was beyond "just picking up." What a procrastinator I've been!!! Our washing machine is broken (sigh) and the laundry has piled up so many times, so many mountains....I've been smelling my clothes before wearing them. Have you ever done that? Sure you have! We all have... RIGHT?? :/ We put new (When I say we, I really mean my husband Jim) brakes on the van. The entire trip back from Jasper last weekend the brakes were grinding when we applied pressure to them! Yikes! But Jim had to be at work the very next morning, so there wasn't any chance of staying and getting them replace the next day.
Kainan was sick (again) this week! Poor little fella! And Camden spent a lot of time with her step grandparents. Friday consisted of sun and fun at the waterpark-Camden is still pink from the sun. She got the burn due to her resistance to apply sunblock regardless of my nagging her! Stubborn child! I wonder where she gets that? (Thinking and rubbing chin...........surely
Yep, that was our week. Lazy days spent doing pretty much, well, nothing!
OH, and I met my neighbors for the first time! Moved here June 1st, got a late introduction, but I suppose it's better than never at all!

I'll end this post with a beautiful picture of the sky tonight as we were leaving walmart. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous!?!?!

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