Monday, August 9, 2010


Kainan woke this morning with a blazing hot fever. (Nothing new during these last couple of weeks!) He had been running fever since late Saturday evening anyway, but today, wow, today he was obviously taking a beating from this darn fever! And Jim is out of town! (Sighs!!) Fever in a child scares me anyway, but he has heart issues and I just never know what to expect from a fever. I called the pediatricians office and they couldn't get him in for 3 days. 3 days!! Grr! I have a lot of frustrations with the service and professionalism we get from them there anyway, this just added to it. (Even though, I know it really wasn't their fault that they had no open appointments available.) So, they referred me to the Emergency Department. Four hours of bright lights and boredom, worry and fear and two anxious kids. They swabbed his mouth, they drew three vials of blood, they did chest x-rays and they did a urinalysis. A lot for a hot, tired, sick, little two year old boy! The swab came back negative for strep. The complete blood count came back with the results of his white blood count being double what it should be; which means, infection, not a virus. (Sigh, all that's going through my mind at this point is worry & fear!) Chest x-ray came back okay, no pneumonia. Urine-just urine. No definitive answers. So we (Camden & myself) watched as they injected my innocent little son with two shots of penicillin. :( They are treating it as if he has an upper respiratory infection and we are to follow up with the pediatrician.
I am SO proud of him though! He didn't cry when they stuck him for blood, fussed a second when they took the needle out, that's it! And he fussed a bit when they injected the penicillin. (I would have even cried then! I don't hate needles, but I hate shots!!) Camden teared up, watching her little brother go through all of this. They may argue and bicker back and forth, but they are friends. :) Reminds me of my brother and sister when I was younger. :)

Well, Kainan seems to be acting fine now, (Motrin must be working) he is pulling cables and USB cords out of the computer! And getting yelled at by his big sis! LOL Who would have thought that would sound so sweet to my ears!

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  1. Thinking about you guys. Hope Kainan starts feeling better soon! {{HUGS}}




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