Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dilly Dallying around

As I have been trying to keep this blog more family oriented, I realized that I've gone astray. It isn't always easy to keep the post completely family oriented. Some days it's all about me and my views while others, it is all about the family. Pfft, oh well!

I was also trying to keep things rated "G"...language and my ideals. And for the most part I have. But I have also deleted a couple of posts in fear of possibly offending others. But I am here to say that, I am no longer going to do that. Why should I filter my opinion on matters when this is my blog? I mean, isn't that the purpose of blogging anyway? To say what we want? Whether it be sweet or sour tasting to the reader, we say what we feel. I've come to realize long ago that I'm not going to be able to please everyone in life, why would the blogging world differ?

Anyway, that being said, let's get on to much more cutesy kids. :)
Here are some photos of them from the week.

Camden & Neko

Camden, Kainan & Neko

The following are photo's of Kainan learning the letter A.

Thanks for reading!

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