Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fridays Fave Five

Hello Friday!!! How I've waited for you! Friday is a good day to look back and recap the week, especially your favorite 5 things! If you need details on how this works, click here. I love this because I always have totally random things to say that never quite make a complete blog post. Or, not one that sounds well "Put Together."

1.Late nights Everyone is in bed, I get to blog, watch television, get a bath, chase the cat, clean the house...etc, etc. ALL IN SILENCE! {Unless I'm reading a funny blog, then it's not as quiet!!}

2. My MOPS group this year! We are meeting later this morning for our first play date-Yay! MOPS is a great organization and if you have a young one that isn't in school yet [and the time...not that it takes a lot of time, but with kids, we're all busy!!] then you should look into it! You can do that here.

3. Thrift store shopping-for the 80's party I am attending. I would elaborate but I've mentioned it so many times in this blog, I'm sure my entire group of 7 followers is tiring of it! :p But, I DID find my 80's duds!

4. Reality TV I don't know why, but I get sucked in every time! Maybe it has something to do with knowing my husband won't watch it, which brings me back to #1...Late nights! Haha! But as the season is nearing the end, the shows are getting so good! Jersey Shore is my absolute favorite! Following closely with Teen Mom and 19 Kids & Counting.

5. Reconnecting with old friends I reconnected with someone I used to work with years ago. It's always nice to get to know someone, but there's something exciting and refreshing about getting to know someone for the second time. [or maybe I'm just weird! Okay, I know I'm weird, but that's not my point!]

So that's my list this week!

1 comment:

  1. I wish there was still a MOPS group in Jasper.

    Reconnecting is ALWAYS a good thing.




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