Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Festivities

Can I just say that, for whatever reason, I cannot wait for pumpkin patches and kicking leaves and campfires. OH the list goes on!!

The weather has been nice GORGEOUS! We enjoyed a walk to the river recently, where it dawned on me that I've never taught either of my children to skip rocks! One of the simple things that I enjoyed doing as a child [seems that everything was simple when I was growing up. But that's for a different post!] and I've yet to introduce it to my kids!! Let me just say, THEY LOVE IT! I enjoyed the chance to be with my family, OUTSIDE of the house! {It's nice to be with family anywhere I can get it, but the change of scenery was nice!} We've been doing quite a bit of walking as a family, which is good too.

I've been cleaning a lot more since we've had a break from the heat. Hopefully, it isn't a break, but a season transition! My kids don't seem to like the fact that the weather motivates me to clean. [They get roped into it as well!]

I suppose, being that it is nearly 4 a.m that I should be getting to bed so I can have more time with the family tomorrow!

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  1. Ooooh, I can't wait either. I actually got out my vanilla/caramael/pumpkin/apple/spice candles this weekend and lit a few. :)

    I also cleaned part of this weekend, and ALL day yesterday. My kids weren't thrilled either, as they had to do work too. We got quite a bit done though. I was thankful Hubby was home for once and actually helped me get some things done that I have been waiting on.




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