Friday, September 24, 2010

Fridays Fave Five

Let's jump right in to this on this early Friday morning, shall we? Five of my favorite things this week include the following...

1. Reality-a lot of times, I don't like getting back to reality. There are so many horrible things going on this is great big world. And with that brings so many negative feelings and thoughts and actions in so many people. But let's focus on the positive and remember the wonderful little gifts and blessing that God puts in our lives each day. We don't always see them...sometimes they are in disguise. [A lot of times] But boy when you remove whatever the blinders may be, isn't it amazing what you can see?!?!?! I'm thankful for reality especially this week because I have been neglecting to give to my kids the time that they deserve. This week, however, I have gotten back on track. :) Wooohooo! Go me!!

2. My Camera-although, in desperate need of a new one, I'm so grateful that I have a camera to capture all of the wonderful moments and steps that my family is privileged to share together. Even our cell phones are equipped with them! Technology sure is a good thing!

3. The simple things in life {Yes, it is listed as a fav of mine this week! This is my list, after all} My kids are so happy with the little things. I am amazed at the things my kids enjoy that takes absolutely nothing to give...walking down the Halloween costume isle at Walmart-big hit last night! Learning Kainan's "letters"...really the rest of us call them the alphabet, but in this house, they belong to Kainan. :) Chats with Camden that sometimes mean absolutely nothing. :::They mean the world to her though! And if I can make her feel that then I'm happy to!:::

4. Mentors Casondra you are my #4 this week! You are one amazing woman! There are no words for the love I have for you. I value the friendship that we have been able to build and keep over the years. Who woulda thought one little retail store could bring two people together so wonderfully? {By the way, I heard rumor that they were coming back to Jasper!!} You are a wonderful mother, wife, friend, sister, cook, housekeeper....and you give wholeheartedly in everything you do! You have been through so much within your family both physically & spiritually. I adore your ability to remain so devoted to The Lord. NO.MATTER.WHAT! ♥

5. Christian radio-Music that is so uplifting and heartwarming. Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman can get me through any day. May not be done without tears, but it [Life] is put into perspective. Makes not only my eyes, but my heart see things I may not have otherwise looked at wholly.

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  1. Hi Vanessa. I came here via the Fall into Reading link and scrolled and see that you did a FFF post. I'm glad I found it because I don't think you were on the FFF Mr. Linky.

    It is amazing what we can see if we just pause to take a look. Your children, simple things in life, mentors, music and your camera are all definitely favorites in my books too.




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