Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday


Here it is Tuesday...where we do a little jig called Random Tuesday! Link up to the crazy, random button up there and let's get at it!
Ready? Set? Random!!

It's no secret that I am a total sucker for reality tv. I can't help it, I just get sucked in! My newest show. Dancing with the stars. I know, it's been on several seasons already. But this season is the first season that has so many reasons to watch! Now if they could keep from getting eliminated!! Ha!

Oh man! I forgot to buy new eyeliner...I'm completely out! If there's one thing in my make up case that I can't live without, that's it! (Sigh)

Kainan saw a small pumpkin at Walmart the other day. Of course, he had to have it! The first thing he did with it, try to bounce it on the kitchen floor! It survived, the tough little thing! It is now on the front porch, where it should be! My only worry now? Pumpkin smashing punks! My little boy would be devastated should anyone smash it...but the people here don't seem to care! [or at least they didn't when they stole my husbands bike out back!]

One thing I don't like {But, really do!} about Autumn. Halloween candy! We bought some to send to Chloe & Sophie...Yeah, we're gonna hafta buy another bag! Dannon Light & Fit yogurt for breakfast...followed by a handful of tootsie rolls! Yeah! I'll regret it later! But for now, I'm loving it. :)

Every morning I step off the back porch to get into the van, I think to myself that we are really going to need to get the self start fixed on the van...it's getting cooler with each passing day!

$100,000. That is how much Kim Kardashian and Chris Jenner reportedly spent shopping...in Paris. On nothing but purses! One purse was $30,000 alone. MUST.BE.NICE!!

80's night was a success. Had a ton o' fun with two really great gals! Here are a few of my favorite pics from that night.




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