Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

it's fridaaaaaaaaay!
and so a list of my "friday's fave five" must be compiled. what is friday's fave five all about?  you can find out all about it by clicking here

ONE~girl time-i need it. i crave it. i love it.

TWO~crafting-i know i've mentioned this a lot lately, but it's because of the upcoming holidays. right now i'm planning the halloween costumes for the kids. then i will move right along to Christmas! :)

THREE~fridays-i may not work and i stay home a lot but by golly i enjoy fridays as much as the next person! my husband is home [usually], my darling daughter is home-gotta love the weekend and friday brings it on!

FOUR~pizza :) it puts a smile on my heart. and my face...hehehe pizza is definitely a comfort food to me. i mean, who doesn't like a good pizza???? we made some pretty good home made pizza pockets this week...yummy...greasy, but yummy!

FIVE~Christmas shopping-okay, so i didn't actually buy anything...but man was i shopping/eyeballing/looking. i can't help but drool over the many things i would love for my kids to be able to have. sadly that can't happen, there just isn't enough room in this house for it. hahaha!

yep, that's my five! have a good evening!!


  1. Pizza is one of our favorite foods as well, but we don't eat it as often as we used to.

  2. Ah, pizza. I cannot even begin to tell you the love affair I have with pizza! LOL.

    I actually have purchased my first Christmas gift. It was at Costco so I knew I had to grab it or it might not be there when I go back for it. But we also have birthdays in December, one of them being right on Christmas Day, so I need to spread that spending out over a few months.

    Girl time is crucial! :v)

  3. What a happy post for Fave Five! I love Fridays too--Bible Study and the weekend!

    Have a great week ahead and look for the blessings!




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