Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Yesterday was DEFINITELY Monday!
Kainan woke up with a cold...it was snotfest for quite awhile yesterday morning! Eww!

I had to call The poison control center for the first time yesterday. Kainan took it upon himself to cure the snot monsters by taking a maximum strength midol. I know it was only one because it was a sealed pack of two. And majority of the one pill was missing. :( I have no idea where this kid found it, unless it was buried deep in the bottom of my purse and he pulled it out! I was pretty sure he wouldn't be affected by it but had to be sure. He managed to do this while I was putting laundry in the dryer! Kids can do anything in ONE second, that's all it takes...until Mommy asks them to do something for her. Then it takes DAYS to get it done!

Our cat was on frenzy overload yesterday as well. I wish I had the energy this feisty feline has! If you asked, yesterday I would have told you he was composed of some kind of rubber substance. That's the only explanation for the bouncing off of the walls!

-On a side note-

Dear Ohio weather,
Would you please make up your mind as to whether you want to be summer or fall. Although I don't mind the warm days here, I was so looking forward to comfy jeans and hoodie sweatshirts, campfires and wienie roasts. The leaves have changed color and also are falling beautifully to the ground indicating that is indeed autumn. However, the spike in temperature topping off at 87° indicates that summer may still have a few tricks up the sleeve. So, I've pulled the shorts and tank tops BACK out of hiding and shortly after I did the temperature topped at about 45°! Only to surprise me a couple of days later with another heat zone! Oh summer, autumn, summer, autumn, summer, autumn...............please decide which season you will be gracing us with.
Thank you,

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  1. haha -- i had a very interesting monday as well! although not nearly as interesting as yours!

    tennessee can't make up it's mind either. it's driving me craaaaazy!




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