Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why didn't I think of that?!?!?!

This post is in response to Casondra over at Pieces of My Heaven On Earth. Casondra was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Please take a minute to read her post and then come back to this one. Go on, I'll wait...

I"m so sorry that Casondra [and many others] feel this way.  But I'm going to be honest...when I read that post it was almost as if I had been punched in the stomach! As I read her blog, it hurt me to know that she feels that way. Hurt me because she has  to see it {the pink} and feel that way. And also hurt me because I have always, ALWAYS admired her. For her strength, her wisdom, her faith. She is such an amazing person! And I, like many, many other people support her. Be it by buying items with pink lids that donate to BC research, being a constant reminder to feel your boobies, coloring profile pictures pink or by praying {and praising} to God every day. I felt that I was "supporting the cause" now I feel like I've offended those that I was trying to encourage. Which makes me feel horrible. I don't want to imagine going through what Casondra and so many others have and then having constant reminders everywhere. I hate that she is hurting physically and emotionally. She is such a trooper! So, I apologize for any of the constant reminders I may have represented! I am glad that she aired her "dirty laundry" for everyone to view and possibly even criticize. Because it gave me an entirely different outlook. I have a different perspective on breast cancer awareness. All that said, I'm still buying products that donate to research!


  1. I can see both sides. I haven't had cancer, but my mum did. When she was battling it, and eventually died, all the cancer awareness things just hurt. I didn't want to see it all the time.

    That was 10 years ago now and I had forgotten I used to feel that way.

    I think it'd be hard these days too with the social networking.

    That said, awareness is what brings in money for treatments/research/cures.

    Great blog.

    Aspiring Millionaire

  2. This is something that is near and dear to my heart. God Bless anyone who ever has to deal with this pain..

  3. I get what she is saying, and I feel the same way. That being said, I too pay money and buy certain things to support different causes. Doesn't mean I will be wearing a pink ribbon or t-shirt though for that particular cause. Some people go WAY out there with their love of a cause; almost blasting it in a way that makes them seem 'holier than though' because they are SO in to it. Overkill, that's the word I was looking for. I know, I sound awful right now. :(

    I commented on her post. I mentioned the soldiers/flags. I like the simple way you honor them on your blog, with that little button. It's there, but it's not so in your face and overpowering.

  4. My grams had breast cancer & uterine cancer.... she didn't make it... but I have a "Feel Your Boobies" magnet on my car as a reminder to do frequent self breast exams.

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