Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday ŖãŊĐŏɱȵЭʂϛ

Well, Hello Tuesday! Nice to see you! And now that I have, I'm seriously considering the option of saying goodbye to you again, at least for a few more hours. A good nap would be  nice fantastic!
I have been doing more blog hop posts rather than actual posts that I have to utilize my brain to compose. I'm aware. How lazy of me! That is why Random Tuesday in conjunction with Post it Note Tuesday work out so well for me! I mean, c'mon, it is afterall called Winter Break for a reason. Who cares that I'm not technically the one on break!?!?! I'll use it to my advantage as I can. Onto the randomness and stickiness. ( yeah, I realize that could be thought of in an obscene way....but whatever...get your head outta the gutter you sicko!)
Anyhoodles, (new word I recently saw on someones blog, I love it...so very catchy and fun!) the stickies, right!

This Tuesday post was brought to you by lots of caffeine!!! And of course by the following:


Only Parent Chronicles


  1. I've thought about cleaning up the mess in the living room...isn't it the thought that counts? ;)

    Sounds like your girly outing was awesome - I could use one of those...

    RTT: Internet, Snow, Christmas

  2. Nothing wrong with taking a little time to relax and push the mess aside!

  3. lol. my tuesday post is pretty random too!

  4. I *totally* get the staying up for the silence of the house! I stayed up late instead of getting up early and now I could use that nap too...

  5. Thanks for linking up! I'm totally jealous that you got some kid free time! My tweens are making me cuh-razy!

  6. HI,

    I am your new follower and would love for you to stop-by and follow-back!

    Have a fabulous 2011!




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