Friday, January 21, 2011

Way to jump start the weekend

So, I've had a somewhat eventful day. Kainan has been potty trained a couple of months now. Last night, he peed on the bathroom floor. Right in front of the toilet. AFTER he took his underwear off! This morning however, he decided to pee on the kitchen floor. AFTER he took his underwear off. But tonight, oooooh tonight...he pooped, yes pooped on the bathroom floor, in front of the toilet. AFTER he took his underwear off. I would feel a little better about it if I thought he was going into the bathroom but just couldn't make it. But that's not it! He told me this morning that he had to pee, after last nights flooding peeing on the floor I decided I was going to take him in and SIT him on the toilet myself. That way I knew he would make it...but no, he apparently decided to stand up and pee on the floor. Normally I don't sit him on the toilet because he has just started going standing up. He was so happy and proud that he could do it standing up. Now this.....((sigh)) I am going to take a deep breath and hope for a more successful tomorrow! Wish us luck here!

On the plus side, Camden has raised her grade in math!! Her other grades fell in the process but I can deal with that while we work on math. :)

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  1. Newest follower- Got to watch Kainan until he can watch himself (if you know what I mean). Congrats to Camden for the math grade. I'm sorry the other grades fell but improvement should still be praised!

    All the best,





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