Monday, March 7, 2011

An angry bowl of cereal poked a taxi cab

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  1. Goodness, I know that fall scared you to death. Glad he was okay though!

  2. For my daughters 10th birthday we had a makeover sleepover. Very cheap with all the stuff you can buy at the dollar store.

  3. I bought pillowcases, fabric markers, fabric glue and a variety of ribbons with colorful patterns. Each girl decorated her pillowcase with the fabric markers then I glued on the ribbon trim they selected. (If you have any 'take home' goodies, they can put them in their pillow case)

    Games are fun, too:
    How about "doubles".
    1st wrap a small gift (something a 10 yo would want) putting it in a series of boxes from smaller (the real gift goes in the smallest box) to larger. The larger boxes are filled with candies and newspaper. By the end you have a large looking present.
    Each layer does not have to be wrapped in wrapping paper: just make sure it is wrapped with newspaper and masking tape.

    TO PLAY: have the kids sit in a circle with the present in the center (it won't stay there for long).
    Have a pile of old dress up clothes (funny hat, high heels, skirt or shirt, and oven mits - be creative) beside the circle.

    Don't forget oven mits

    Have a pair of dice.
    Have kids take turns rolling the dice until someone gets doubles (two of a kind).
    They yell, "doubles", jump up, put on the dressup clothes (over their own clothes) and must put on the oven mits, then start trying to open the present.

    While this is happening the rest of the kids still pass the dice around in the circle until someone else yells "doubles", jumps up and gets the clothes from the person who is trying to open the present.

    The other "unwrapping" player has to stop trying to open the gift and take the clothes off for the next person.

    This keeps going until someone actually rips the wrapping paper off the real present.

    (You may need to take away some items of clothes if it is taking too long.)

    The only mandatory article of clothing is the oven mits.
    Don't forget your camera!




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