Friday, March 25, 2011

Dilly Dallying-it does a mind good!

Hello Friday! You're welcome anytime...really. 
(no, really!)

So, as promised, I'm posting something other than a blog hop.
Little britches has had a cold for nearly 2 weeks now. Matter of fact, if my dates are correct, tomorrow sets the 2 week mark. He doesn't seem to be affected by it, other than the long strands of snot that leave his little nostrils. And his nose starting to be raw. Poor little dude! I'll tell you one thing though, that little monster has kept on truckin! Of course, I'm sure it's no help that I can't keep him in clothes. Unless we are going somewhere he almost insists on being down to tiny diego (or spongebob depending on his mood) skivvies.

The diva...well- She's 9 and she likes to push her limits, test her boundaries. Ya know, the things we all loved doing as kids. Yeah, well, it's not as fun when you're the parent! Ha ha! She loves spending time with her bestie. Especially on Wednesdays & Sundays when they go for church and choir. The girl loves to sing! She asked me the other night how old you have to be to audition for American Idol. =)  I've been on her lately though, as she tends to talk more at school than she works. (sigh) I hope this passes quickly! I've had many a conversation with her on the significance of paying attention and the importance of starting a good education now. Fingers crossed!

Handsome husband has been working a lot. I have a love/hate feeling on that. I love the extra money it will be bringing in. I miss him though. Most of the time. =) Sorry to sound so hateful, but we can't spend SO much time together without gettin on each others nerves and arguing. Too much of a good thing isn't always such a good thing, ya know? I also don't like that when he is home he is tired and grouchy. So we all tend to drift to the other room when the grouchy, tired beast spews from him. Luckily though, he is never far from reality and he has a great family that understands that he is tired and enabling mommy to stay home and do nothing but blog and harvest crops all day.

And me, well, I'm here (or harvesting crops) avoiding the pile of dishes in the sink. Or the other pile I despise. (L.a.u.n.d.r.y) And as long as I get enough sleep and have a dr. pepper at my side, I'm usually a happy camper. Although, as some of you know, there has been some homesickness this week. I love being able to go back to Indiana and visit family and friends. And then there's nothing like coming back to my own home. But once I'm home for a bit, I start missing it all. =( I have found a new....hobby. Swagbucks.
I get to do everything I normally do, searching the web & playing games. And I get rewarded for it. I can handle that! Who couldn't?!?

Search & Win

Well, that's all for today. That's the updates on our little family and upkeep of my non blog hop blog posting.

I'm off to dart around the corner to avoid the dishes and the laundry. Really, sitting here in from of my computer monitor is the safest place. Neither of the piles (dishes or laundry) can see me from here! Ha ha!

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