Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's Ten:::10 things Spring

  1. budding and blossoming flowers and trees, just the transition from winter to spring is lovely
  2. baby animals, or just the fact that animals in general are out roaming pastures [that are now turning green because it's spring!} I love seeing them but I love driving by a farm and hearing the excitement in my kids voices when they see a baby calf or a bunch of horses
  3. the sunshine!!! I don't think this needs explanation. 
  4. flip flops-again, no explanation needed {unless you're my husband who thinks flip flops should only be worn in the shower!!}
  5. the temperature~not only can I turn the heat off, but the kids can play outside. and when the kids can play outside.........................they wear themselves out!! and when they wear themselves out............calm and relaxing, quiet evening
  6. windows start coming up [or down in the case of being in the car]. I love having the blinds drawn and the windows open!
  7. family time outside (which is a little in conjunction with #5) family walks in the park and picnics and barbecues....aahhh
  8. freshly mowed grass...some days I like the smell, other days I do not...however, I love how clean everything looks with a newly mowed lawn.
  9. the shops that close down for the winter [particularly the small mom and pop ice cream shops] are opening back up for the season!
  10. And lastly, while I'm not in school, spring means the end of the school year is nearing. And I love not having the stress of worrying about my kids homework or getting up early in the morning. 
Stop by Lora's page by clicking her button above! I love her page. And her music rocks too. Makes me wanna stay for days. :)

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