Thursday, February 23, 2012

helluva day with hairbows, crying babies and pissy facebook updates

for whatever reason, i keep wanting to update my status on facebook several times an hour. i don't know why because it drives me batty to see so many updates from one person in such a short period of time. i don't need to know how many times your kid poops in a day, when you're leaving work, or when you pay your bills. (unless you are going to pay mine)! but for some reason, i found myself wanting to do just that. so i brought it to the blog. what better place to house a bunch of mish mash hodge podge b.s? because that's what i seem to be full of today. bull shit. i'm in a mood, that's for certain! lucky you!
speaking of facebook...i play words with friends on there. if you aren't familiar with it, it's like scrabble. sometimes, while i'm waiting for another player to make their move, i will create a new game with a random player who is not on my facebook friends list. yesterday i did just that. and this person was so pushy! sending me messages to hurry up and play. as if that game is the only thing i have going on in my life. and that's exactly the reply i had for her. she replied with a great big eff you. how nice! 
my day today, began with me fed up that people can't seem to find themselves, except to make themselves be likeable to the people that happen to be around them at that particular time. why do people do that? be yourself, that's what everyone wants to see. i understand if a person has self esteem issues. but eventually the people you surround yourself with are going to think you are fake. two faced. and cowardly. people like to see others stand up for what they believe is right. what's that going to do for your self esteem? sigh. i'm rambling.
over the weekend i helped my sisters make hair bows for their daughters. they are 3. i have a daughter also, but she is 10 and hardly into that stuff. or so i thought. she showed interest in them so that's what i did today. when i had time. between my kids nagging and the babies crying.

i'm so, so ready for the weekend. i don't go anywhere or do anything, but it's quite. er. quieter. and i can eat when i want and sleep when i want and spend time with my kids. since i've began babysitting, that's something i don't get to do much of anymore. spend time with my kids. not to mention, when the kids play, they play with my kids' toys. which is fine. unless you're 4! i will be glad when their rooms are theirs again.
i plan to go get our things from storage in the weeks coming. my husband will be out of town doing training soon and i think that will be just what i need to keep me busy while he's away. not to mention, our kids will have most of their things back! they'll love that! and i will too. i hate that they don't have their own things here. except for the little that we were able to bring with us.
anyway, that's the summary of my day. and now that i've ranted a bit, i'm not in such a pissy mood. yay!

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  1. You should really know all 3 of my kids pooped today. LMBO Uttt-ohhhh Now I did too. hahaha




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