Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cork board revamp

I had an old cork board that I was using but it was getting pretty shabby. The frame was bowed a little, it was faded and it just needed a makeover. My mother in law had given me some fabric last summer that I hadn't decided what to use for. Until today. And even when I began, I was leery of the outcome. But the board already looked horrid, what's the worst that could happen? It goes out with the other trash Sunday night? I could live with that.

I cut the fabric to a size slightly larger than the actual corked area of the board. Smoothing out all of the fabric, I hot glued each edge of the fabric to the cork board. Then I used a butter knife to tuck the remaining fabric under the frame.

This is what it looked like after the fabric had been glued on and tucked under the frame. Sorry for the color, the flash ruined the picture.

I liked it but it still wasn't quite enough.

That's better!

Now I just need to get out and buy some cute push pins for it!


  1. looks great! i made my own memo boards a few years back and love them :)




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