Sunday, June 5, 2011

Test results & Moving boxes

As I stated in this post, there has been quite a lot going on in the Dilly household. And as you might have guessed, there has been a lot of delaying and dilly dallying. After all, I didn't just call my blog Dilly Dally because it sports my last name so nicely! It's the way I live! Even when I held a full time job, I piddled around until the last possible moment and got things done only when it was crunch time. And I'm not talking sit ups people. I just work better that way. Under pressure with a dead line looming in my immediate sight. My brain functions better and everything just falls into place. Or so it used to. (You see how I'm dilly dallying with my words and drawing this post intro out?)
Anyhoodles, back on topic, I had an ultrasound done last week to check out the lumps I found in the boobies. I was pretty calm during all of this, even though it took way longer than it should have due to staffing problems at the hospital! If you were paying attention, you know that the nurse assured me that she was ninety nine percent sure that the lumps are cysts. And while not always fun, that means no cancer. Which of course, is one of every woman's nightmares. Cancer. Ugh. What a dirty word. I cringe each time I hear it. Yeah, I know...back to the results. Well, the radiologist never discusses it with you, the patient. No, they make you wait and get the results from the ordering physician. I made the call and they told me to repeat the ultrasound again six months down the road. Which, is good news. I think. Is that good news? I'm not entirely sure if it is or not. On one hand, they're not so worried that they can't wait six months. On the other, it is a repeat ultrasound.
In six months we will have (hopefully, assuming all goes well Monday morning) been moved back to my home town and state and preparing to celebrate Christmas. What's Monday morning, or I guess if you're just getting up reading this, then it should state today, rather than Monday. But who is getting technical? I always seem to post late night/early a.m. Everyone is sleeping and the house is quiet. (Except for the cat who I swear tries to convince me is rabid and crazy!) Again, off topic. I picked a good title for this blog, eh? This morning, for all you technical peeps out there, Hubby has his physical for the position in which he will be taking, allowing us to move. However, if he doesn't pass, then I suppose we stay here. Which would kinda suck since we have been selling our furniture and advertising a moving sale! But my friends would be happy!
So, wish me luck! First off, luck that we do indeed get to move home. And secondly, that if we do, I find the motivation to pack and clean this house up in two weeks. One week to pack. Another to clean. And fill trash bins! Unless, of course I find something to blog about. Then the time gets shorter. :)

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