Thursday, July 7, 2011

One of THOSE days

Yeah, you know...those days where everything seems to go wrong. And you have to take a deep breath and slow down to realize that not EVERYTHING is wrong. It was one of those days today. At least, it was for me. I didn't get much sleep last night, sleeping on the floor is hard to do! I babysat for a toddler that I've never sat for. And he was grouchy. I don't blame the little fella, he didn't know me and my kids. But he took immediately to my daughter. So, he screamed a lot of the day. I then get a call from my hubby who just so happens to be broke down on the side of the interstate. *sigh*  I buy the belt he needed to repair the van and take to my brother in law who then goes to help him. Thank goodness, because I'm still babysitting.
The carpet didn't get put into the last bedroom of our apartment today. It was supposed to be finished today. It wasn't.I'm trying to unpack and well, you know how that goes. LOL
I'm kind of digging the idea of the entire family camping out together on the floor. :) Except for the whole floor part, that piece of the story is pretty poopy.

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